Pike fly fisher’s livingroom

It’s been long, way too long since the last post. I guess all this writing have just been too tiring: I’ve been writing in work, when I get out of work I write my thesis and then I also have been writing about fishing for magazines and even cotrubuted to wonderful Chasing Silver Magazine’s blog.

It really didn’t feel like writing some more would be the way to unwind after all that, so Huove has been neglected for quite some time. Gladly I’ve had the change to do some fishing, but the number of fishing days have been very low for last year also. 

Just the other day I went through old posts here. It was really a pleasure to look through all these memories from the trips before, so I decided it would be time to start writing again mostly for my own sake, just to be able to return to some of the tirps and the feelings there.

I will start easy and make just a short post with a picture. All these interior design blogs are highly popular, so now Huove will take a step towards that direction: here’s a pike fly fisher’s living room. I’m willing to dish out some tips and even makse some designs for you too, themes can vary from trout bedroom to asp in the cellar.