It’s on!

It’s not too often you get to open the Baltic seatrout season in February here in Finland. We had very cold weather in January and the sea was completely frozen, but now in the February some plus degrees, rain and strong southern winds have already dissipated the ice from most of the south coast.

We were supposed to go the last weekend already, but I caught a cold and couldn’t go. Feeling somewhat better and very anxious to go I persuaded the guys to go out this Sunday even if the conditions looked quite harsh: there were some 15 m/s southern winds (up to 20 m/s in gusts) and a lot of snow predicted. The morning drive through the blizzard to the coast was painful and even dangerous, but when we eventually got to Hanko, the weather wasn’t that bad.

The wind forced us to seek out some new spots from the northern side of Hanko peninsula, but it worked out well in the end. We found some very nice new spots and early in the morning ran in to a school of feeding trout, when my dear fishing buddy Jari caught two 50+ centimeter trouts back to back within the first 15 minutes (though he is a well-known mixed user and caught them on a spoon rather than on a fly).

After that hot start we had our hopes quite high but they were brought down to your usual seatrouters state of mind when we had absolutely no contact to fish for the rest of the day. But in this business you have to consider a two-fish day quite successful and anyhow it was just so unbelievably great to be out there in the sea and casing some line again.


My friends even shot and edited a short video about the two fish caught. Warning: includes beutiful sea trouts caught & released on spinning gear, can cause serious need to get out and do some fishing.