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Due to the growing number of international visitors to our site, we felt it would be nice to have a brief introduction in English. Main language of this blog is Finnish (sorry guys, it just feels more comfortable to write in our native language), but there will be some posts in English, especially related to the videos, since they gather world wide audience. All those posts will be tagged with In English.

So what is Huove about? It’s about three Finnish guys from different walks of life brought together by a shared passion for fly fishing. In this site we will tell you about the trips we make separately and sometimes together in different parts of the world. Most of the fishing is naturally done in our local neighborhood in Scandinavia: Finland, Norway and Sweden. But every now and then some of us fly out in to the world to fish somewhere else in Europe or even in different continents. When fly fishing is rooted deep enough in your soul, it will travel with you everywhere you go.

Besides tales from our journeys this blog includes some equipment talk, gear is an essential part of our sport after all. You can also find some notes about different interesting things more or less related to fly fishing, including (but not restricted to) biological, political, philosophical or just pure fictional ponderings about the fish and fishing.  These are abundant especially in mid winter, when it’s dark, cold and snowy up here in the North and the fish ain’t bitin’.

Different parts of the site are:


This includes all the latest posts here in Huove. As noted before, vast majority of them are in Finnish, but feel free to roll down a little bit and at least see the pictures. We want to offer a visual as well as textual experience, and try to include nice pictures from fishing destinations in posts. And if there is certain post you want to have more information about, just leave a comment in English and we’ll see what we can do about it.

Kirjoittajat – Writers

Here we tell who we are.

Juho-Matti “Lihis” Paavola

International relations student and freelance journalist based in Tampere in southern Finland. He has been fishing since the age of 7, and forced his non-fishing grandpa to buy a fly rod when he was 9. Lately he has grown more and more tired of the stocked and poorly managed trout streams of southern Finland and started to target different species with a fly: seatrout and pike in the sea, pikeperch in lakes and asp in streams. Is always on a look out for something new to do with a flyrod.

Samuli Tursas

Founder and CEO of it-company Koodiviidakko and a proud father who lives in Oulu in northern parts of Finland. He has been fishing almost as long as his been walking and turned to fly fishing at 14 at a course organized by a local fly fishing club. Main target right now is the fabled atlantic salmon, which he fishes around the globe from Scotland to Norway and quite often with a dry fly.

Jukka Juntunen

Originated from eastern Finland and now moved back to the roots from Oulu, where he met Samuli while studying, this avid salesman is the double hand and spey rod expert of Huove. Has known to own one single hand set, which he bought on the way to fish for asp in South Finland. He mostly tried to cast perry poke and skagit with it. He fishes for large migratory brownies in Kuusamo, eastern Finland, and atlantic salmon around Scandinavia. Jukka’s fishing philosophy is simple: fish always lie near the other bank, so you must cast far and away to catch them!

Linkit – Links

This part includes some of the best sites we have come across wading through the endless sea of information known as Internet. It’s still a work in progress, but as in life, it’s about the journey, not the destination, eh?

Videot – Videos

Some videos we have shot on our fishingtrips around the globe and some fly tying stuff too. We’re adding more videos every now and then, when someone has time to do some serious editing.